Top 3 Subaru SUVs

Thinking about a Subaru SUV? There are many to consider and sometimes the overflow of options can seem overwhelming. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Take some time to learn about some of the most popular Subaru SUVs on the market to help you narrow down the field. Understanding your options better will help you in positioning yourself to make the best decision possible from a consumer stand point.


Subaru Forester 2014


Subaru Forester 2014
By Andrew Horne under CC BY 2.0


The Subaru Forester 2014 has plenty to recommend it, as well as some drawbacks that should be considered. First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind this is a compact SUV, which works well for consumers that want a smaller SUV experience. But it could be a negative for those who want a more traditional SUV. This car also marks Subaru’s first ever rear drive performance coupe, which means drivers have added power not always associated with a compact. To add to this, the Forester utilizes organically grown, high fiber AWD wagons, making a green friendly alternative. And for those who like the compact, but still want a bit of bulk, the 2014 might be a good bet. This year’s model adds an extra inch to the nose as well as some aesthetic nips here and there to give it a decidedly more masculine look than last year’s model. It makes for an attractive SUV, almost perfectly combining smooth, clean lines with the get up and go some consumers look for in car ownership. Subaru is also claiming the 2014 Forester will prove more fuel efficient, with a decrease in Cd from .37 to .33, with improved aerodynamics. Also for this model, electric power steering replace hydraulics, with reduced parasite losses. And power train updates have been added, for an overall better driving experience. Ultimately, this is a good option for Subaru loyalists, particularly those who want a smaller SUV or those disappointed by last year’s less bulky lines.


 Subaru’s Tribeca 2013


Tribeca 2013
By Bull-Doser (Own work.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The 2013 Subaru Tribeca is a family SUV, allowing for a bit more space than the previously discussed Forester. This model has standard all wheel drive and an attractive interior, and is a mid size crossover option excellent for growing families not ready to make the jump to a family van. However, seating can feel cramped, particularly when sitting in the third row. There is also limited cargo space when compared to other mid size SUVs. And the exterior isn’t all that different than the 2012 model, which could be a drawback for those looking for a change. The Subaru Tribeca 2013 features the horizontally opposed engine, a trademark for Subaru, and an all wheel drive system. This is an incredibly safe car to drive. However, some consider it to be on the pricier side, and it also doesn’t earn high marks on the fuel economy side–this isn’t your best best for gallon to the dollar. Still, the 3.6 liter engine provides a nice acceleration, and the car delivers easy maneuverability particularly at lower speeds.


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The Tribeca is attractive, however. It also has good visibility and a low noise rate from the outside road and wind. The seats are also extremely comfortable, even if the back seats are a bit cramped. And the six cylinder engine means 256 horsepower and 247 pound feet of torque. Acceleration is about average for a mid range, going from zero to 60 in 8.3 seconds.

Subaru XV Crosstrek 2013


2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek SUV
By German Medeot under CC BY 2.0

The 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek is an SUV wagon that is more compact than the previously mentioned models. This model is as wide as the Forester, but much shorter, making it even more compact. Because of its compactness, the designers made it capable of taking on European roads, giving it excellent terrain handling. The XV Crosstrek also has excellent fuel economy, perhaps the best of those discussed thus far, thanks to its 2.0 liter flat for engine. This model is rated at 25 mpg, and that’s just in be city. Take the XV Crosstrek out to the country and that figure rises to 33 miles per gallon, an extremely attractive number. However, cargo space could be a problem, with considerably less space than the previous two. In fact, the XV Crosstrek has just 23 cubic feet of cargo space, as opposed to the 34 cubic feet the Forester boasts. And, obviously, passenger space here is more limited as well. The XV Crosstrek offers only 41 cubic feet in the back seating area, compared to the 49 cubic feet the Forester has.


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However, the XV Crosstrek is still a good value, and is on the lower end of the price spectrum to boot. It combines the attractive qualities consumers seek in an SUV with the efficiency of a compact. Its smaller sizing could put it ahead for some buyers, and behind for others. It just depends on what you are looking for, but the XV Crosstrek is a good place to start. The decision to purchase a new SUV is a big one, but also manageable. There are a number of high quality, high performance vehicles on the market, you just have to determine which one works best for you. Consider choices like the Forester, Tribeca and XV Crosstrek before making a final decision. These models have plenty to offer from fuel efficiency to excellent handling. You just have to figure out the right fit for your needs.