Top 10 Ugliest SUVs Ever Made

Jeep Commander 

The Commander SUV was launched at a season when Jeep had expanded their business. We do not understand what made them deviate from the successful formula, but the result was a visual disaster. Possibly Jeep was tried hard to capture the style of squared-off Swagger from the Hummer H2. Unfortunately, they managed to capture only the look of Styrofoam blocks which are used to pack new flat-screen televisions.

The Commander had not only the front facia misstep. The cabin was also an oddly-proportioned one, which makes it appear as an XJ Cherokee was turned into a Popemobile. Jeep is a brand that made successful SUVs like the first-gen Patriot and the triumphant Compass, but the Commander was a disaster for Jeep. The sale was very minimal and only a few SUVs were sold.

Subaru B9 Tribeca 

The B9 Tribeca’s story was as unfortunate as its flop design: Subaru did not think about what a typical American buyer will think when tries to buy an SUV which has some sort of Japan’s heritage designs included. It was a typical marketing suicide.

Leaving that aside, the rest of the design was not better. Any SUV must broadcast some sort of adventure in its look but the B9 Tribeca failed on this completely. It simply looked like a minivan-like snoozer,  that failed to show the rugged and go-anywhere adventure look. Subaru attempted to fix Tribeca’s styling on its bigger SUV in 2014. Later on, Subaru tried and got it right in its new brand Ascent.

Jeep Cherokee 

As it is said the long time pain gets forgotten as time goes on, you will stop noticing it eventually. It happened with Jeep. After a long time in the market for six years, the horror of Jeep Cherokee’s hideous front end can not be forgotten. The headlights made Jeep Cherokee look like a vampire.

The front end of the Jeep Cherokee was so ugly that only a few commented about its back end. The Jeep Cherokee’s taillights are pushed very close to the rear window, leaving it to look very close to sheet metal Siberia. In fact, people think that the stylists forgot the back-end design and people wish they had forgotten to design the rest of the car, too. Finally, in 2019 Jeep fixed its face and sales soared.

Infiniti QX56 

When the Infiniti QX56 was first released, people were shocked to see the design. The
QX56 reached a new level of ugliness. Nissan – the parent company of Infiniti had produced many good looking beautiful cars, but the QX56 was a new level of ugliness.

The half-height headlights gave it an oddly simian look as the half heightened headlights fitted to front fenders which are full-height, gave it a simian look. Its bizarre roofline was another level of ugliness as it was flat over the tiny cargo area and arched over the large passenger compartment, made it look as if it was Frankensteined together desperately from two different SUVs. This made the design look awkward and the SUV was a grand flop.

Hyundai Santa Fe 

Hyundai produced this for Mr. Potato Head to drive – That is how it looked.  Too bad design taste. Hyundai Santa Fe looked as if it was crafted by Fisher-Price, who knows, it might end up in the next Hollywood movie. 

To be entirely fair, 2001 was a period when lousy and ugly car design was South Korea’s national pastime. The was one advantage in Santa Fe if anyone side swipes it no one would notice – Thanks to the random bumps, bulges and a patterned rug that hides helps hide stains. The SUV design was a disaster for its bumps and bulges.

Buick Rendezvous 

As it is said the camel nothing but a horse designed by a group of people, and we rephrase it as the Buick Rendezvous is nothing but an SUV designed by a group of camels. We don’t understand why somebody will buy an SUV which has those gawky-eyed headlights and ugly oval grille, but what the top most ugliness is the giant diagonal line that separates the rearmost side windows at the backend. 

The Rendezvous was a disaster and a loser SUV design, very few were sold.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan 

We are wondering, how could Rolls-Royce – the greatest luxury car producer in the world could ever produce such an ugly, horrendously unsettling Cullinan SUV? It looks as if the designers from Rolls design took every styling cue from the old marque’s cars. The waterfall grille, the squinty headlights, and the suicide doors grafted them onto old whisky crates.

The is very unsettling, as the Cullinan appears like a London taxi with a mustache, very unfortunate! Years ago, when the new arrival of a Rolls-Royce made onlookers bow to the royalty within. The Cullinan design makes onlookers laugh.

Suzuki X90 

Suzuki – The company that designed the best micro-SUVs, failed to attract people with their X-90 design. The Samurai and the Sidekick were cute and the X-90 is just the opposite.

The X-90 was very ugly. It was not stylish. Suzuki X-90 – As a vehicle, the design was insipid and pointless, and it totally looked disaster.

SsangYong Korando

When we have a look at South Korean cars from the 90s, we wonder whether South Korea car designers thought ugly car design was the next World Olympic Championship and if that is true then there is no second thought that SsangYong will win the gold.

SsangYong was purposely tried to make a two-door SUV on the platform of the Musso. So instead of increasing the length of the cabin, the designers purposely stretched the nose. That makes us perfect to think that Korando is the ugliest SUV from SsangYong.

Pontiac Aztek

The Pontiac Aztek is the Modern Mona Lisa of the ugliest SUVs. It is a poor design that is nearly perfect to win the Mona Lisa award. The Lousy proportions, the ugly and awkward lines add to its misshapen tiny headlights and undersized wheels… What not? The entire design fails. People laughed loudly when it rolled to the floor at the Detroit auto show.

The irony of Aztek is that it is a useful vehicle, It was derived not from a minivan. It is a spacious vehicle but sadly, the Aztek was so badly designed that it will be remembered for a long time, not for its utility and space, but it will be remembered as the ugliest SUV of all time.