Toyota Tundra – An esteemed multipurpose vehicle at a low price

Toyota is a known manufacturer in the Japanese and world’s automobile circles. The Toyota Motor Corporation is responsible for providing a complete range of automobiles in the world. Several times in the past year Toyota was one of the top revenue generators in the automobile industry.  This tells that Toyota’s products enjoy a great demand among the consumers of Japan and international market. At present Toyota is progressing fast in its technological experiments to revolutionize the automotive industry but what’s Toyota has already given to the market is no less important.


A pickup truck, when it was first introduced got accepted in the market at great pace. This was because of two reasons, first it was loading purpose serving, and secondly it shared the great style factor. Favorite of the masses in Europe, the US and Australia, this vehicle is now gaining popularity in developing Asian regions as well. Being the leading brand Toyota didn’t leave this type of vehicle unattended. With greatest style factor Toyota introduced several pickup trucks that have been used by people for years. The pickup trucks of Toyota delight in a great mandate in the used Japanese cars industry of Japan as well.


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Specifics of used Toyota Tundra that will raise your craving

The Toyota Tundra is a handsome huge pickup truck introduced by Toyota in 1999. Now there are two generations available of this amazing looking vehicle. Also the TRD superchargers and the Hybrid Tundra are available in the market offering great performance value to the seekers. However we will specifically focus on what specs you can enjoy in the first generation of used Toyota Tundra as it is available at reliable online traders. Toyota Tundra, since it was first introduced kept receiving a mix of responses every time mostly about its car like looks. Still in the year it was launched this truck managed to receive massive sales and ranked as no: 1 on the sales chart of Toyota. And then it was like the success period of this pickup truck began. It earned several awards that rated it the best.


Toyota Tundra
By Encima Gfx under CC BY 2.0


The engine choices available in used Toyota Tundra are a 3.4L V6 engine which is capable of performing 190hp, with 32 valves certified LEV. The other one offered 4.7L V8 engine that produced 245hp for the consumers. The TRD supercharger is also available with 3.4L V6 engine that is capable of raising the horsepower capacity of the engine up to 260. The TRD effects on the V8 engine giving the boost of up to 300hp. The TRD charger is not easily available in the market as its production stopped after VVT-i  advancement was introduced in the engines. You can hear all over the world that Toyota engines are considered to be one of the most reliable engines in the world even there is a separate market of used engines from Japan.


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There is also 5 speed automatic and 6 speed manual transmissions which allow the driver of used Toyota Tundra a great driving experience. The safety aspects of this vehicle are certified by The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety. The car was rated better than many competitors like Ford, Dodge and Marginal.