Used Mitsubishi Outlander – Super serving vehicles from Japanese Industry

Mitsubishi Outlander is a classic creation of MITSUBISHI Motor Corporation. The series started in 2001 and the manufacturing of this SUV is still in the process. What makes a used Mitsubishi Outlander an important consideration is its great performance and style factors in each generation.


Detailed Review of Designs and Features

In the second generation (2007) Mitsubishi Outlander launched a number of essential attributes that were not existent in the first generation. These include a V6 power and additional cargo room with third row seating arrangement. The three specific trims are: ES, XLS and LS. A navigation system with hard disk having music storage capacity of 30GB was also introduced. The engine specific was a V6, in each of the trims, therefore each version’s output generation of 220hp was similar.


The next year, Mitsubishi extended the version line by adding SE in the list. Also the four cylinder engine was added to the existing terms. There were certain alterations made in the series of the car this year. In the next 12 months, the previous LS version was discontinued. Also the present versions included:  a camera, navigation system with a mightier hard drive capacity.


Mitsubishi Outlander
By TTTNIS (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In 2010, the V6 engine was given more capabilities to generate power and performance with the use of AWD technique. The styling of the car was also given revitalized touches in the same year. The used Mitsubishi Outlander from 2010, would offer a main revive in fashioning that looked more like Lancer Evolution X.


A price effective choice in the used Mitsubishi Outlander series may be the models of 2003 to 2006. These versions of used Mitsubishi outlander will provide comfortable seating arrangements for four in the interiors. It is an undeniable fact that the space is smaller than what is now available in the SUV class. However this may work perfectly for small families due to great performance factor.


If we inspect the used Mitsubishi Outlander year wise, even the oldest Outlander available in the used car market have good power values to offer. A 2.4L engine with 4 cylinders could give 140hp even on rough and bumpy roads. The transmission velocity it could deliver stood at number 4 on scale. In the next year there were not many changes in its interiors and exteriors, yet the power capability was enhanced to 160hp. Still it is not as performance active as other models of Toyota belonging to same age are.


Year 2005 was a time of major developments for Mitsubishi Outlander as another model was introduced in the series which was named as high-line outlander. Beside there were appreciable interior developments like leather seating and roomier cabins. There were changes adopted in technicalities as well. A 5-velocity manual was introduced which raised the performance factor of high-line outlander much more than what was available with LS. There were slight changes adopted in the rear design element as well. The used Mitsubishi Outlander specifically high-line (2005) has much more to offer in comfort and performance segment of the car.


There are yet more options available in the Used Mitsubishi Outlander collection. The previous XLS discontinued in this period and manufacturers introduced SE as a new trim level. In base LS and high-line there were no modifications. However the standard safety and technical features were allocated to all the models. These include an anti-lock brake system and side and front air bags.