2014 Dodge Journey Vs 2014 Ford Edge

In the event that you are looking at the SUV market for a crossover that has spacious comfort, full size capability and luxury amenities of these vehicles, you should analyze these two SUVs. Both the 2014 Ford Edge and the 2014 Dodge Journey are great contenders. They bring in many features on the table. However, as we analyze the facts that are really important for most buyers, we have to say that the Dodge Journey does step up as being more interesting. This is because of the following factors.

Cargo Room

2014 Dodge Journey

Those that want to buy such an SUV will want to be offered recreational equipment and in many cases we are talking about families that want to go on trips together. With this in mind, cargo space is important. The 2014 Dodge Journey offers 1,121 L while still giving access to seating for up to 6 people. The payload capacity is of 455 kg. The 2014 Ford Dodge only has 912 L and the payload capacity is of 412 kg. The difference is not that high but you will want every inch when you have a lot of luggage.


2014 Dodge Journey interior

Dodge Journey 2014 comes with front air conditioning, Dual one. Both the passenger and the driver can have a different temperature set up while travelling, which is definitely something that you will appreciate. Grime or dust will not appear as you drive through areas that have a bad air quality due to a built-in air filter. It is something you will appreciate. 2014 Ford Edge does not include the filter or the front air conditioning.

Fuel Economy

2014 Ford Edge

Fuel efficiency is increasingly important for absolutely all people out there and it becomes more important as time passes. You will get to drive 100 km for 7.7 liters with a fuel tank that is 78 L. Ford Edge has a fuel tank of 68 L. It is true that we have 7.3 liters consumed for 100 kilometers but driving range will be smaller because of the capacity of the fuel tank.

As you can notice, these 3 factors are of high importance for all people that want to compare the two. For most, the 2014 Dodge Journey will be the one chosen.