2014 Ford Escape Titanium Review

For those that are in a hurry, we can say that the Ford Escape 2014 is one of the really popular compact crossover SUVs in USA as it offers many different features and options in an attempt to cover all budgets, from small to big. The problem is that we have a small IIHS offset crash test rating so those that are safety conscious will want to consider alternatives.

You can end up spending quite a lot of money and throw in all the luxury that you want inside the Ford Escape 2014 Titanium. The sticker price is at around $36,000 for the Escape Titanium, a Ford sport-utility that is of a great quality.

The Safety Rating Problem

Receiving a Poor rating in the IIHS offset frontal-impact crash test is not at all great but we have to understand the fact that this is a test that is tough to pass. Many of the really well selling smaller SUVs have bad ratings. In all other crash tests the Ford Escape 2014 gets great ratings.


Ford Escape Titanium 2

The 2014 Ford Escape Titanium looks great. The interior is busy, bold and over-styled. Everything inside is quite easy to use except climate controls and the infotainment system. MyFord Touch technology has simple controls but the black plastic that is aesthetically pleasant will be pretty hot during summer. Glare will appear on the screen at times so it is hard to read it at times. The problem with the automatic climate controls is that they are low on the dashboard, right behind your gear selector.


Ford Escape Titanium interior

This is always important and the Ford Escape Titanium 2014 definitely offers a lot of comfort for the front seat passengers. The view out is excellent and you have soft places offered to rest your elbows. The steering wheel has a great grip covered with durable leather. Adults that sit in the back will not be that happy as there is tight legroom. Thigh support is not that great but this is due to a design that allow your rear seats to fold in order to gain a lot of cargo space.


There are different engines available but the one that we will talk about is the EcoBoost 4 cylinder with all-wheel drive. If you choose this you get quite a lot of traction and extra acceleration, all at 240 hp. When opting for this engine, we can say that the driving experience is great but when in Sport mode, you will see a lot of gas from the tank disappearing on long drives. However, when in normal mode, you get suitable fuel consumption ratings.

Driving Experience

Ford Escape Titanium driving

On the highway and in cities the athletic handling will surely make you feel great. You have a ride that is a little wiggly on pavement that is uneven and we have more wind noise because of the height. However, the real problem stands in mountain roads as you will have some excessive body roll.


Ford Escape Titanium cargo

On the whole, we can say that the 2014 For Escape Titanium is a really interesting crossover that is likable and definitely interesting. The only problem is that crash test rating. Till that problem is fixed, we have to recommend other SUVs in the class like the Mazda CX-5, the Subaru Forester and the Nissan Rogue.