2016 BMW X1 Review

The 2016 BMW X1 can easily be described as a tall, beautiful hatchback. It does not really look as a smaller SUV and does include what you would expect from a BWM: precise steering, spirited engine and sporty suspension. BMW X1 offers the passenger a roomy interior and the engine is quite enough for most owners out there.

People that love cars from BMW do need to get used to many new things with the cars. The manufacturer is focused on the I brand and the inclusion of front wheel drive is not something that was common in the past. X1 is an SUV you will need to get used to, although the standard version does offer all-wheel drive in Europe. In other continents it is expected to come to the market with front wheel drive.

2016 bmw x1

2016 BMW X1 will be a very important SUV for the US market. We have a new version that focuses on the front wheel drive architecture and that will not have the top of the line straight 6 engine option. We have a new body that includes higher roofline and a center of gravity that is also higher. That is not something that sounds too promising.

The advantage with the new body is that we gain a cabin that is significantly bigger. This does solve a problem that was present in the 2015 model. X1 shows plenty of room for rear passengers, even when you have front seats pushed way back. All seats are situated higher and although it is not something that you will want when you will go for speed, it is great for everyday commute.

2016 bmw x1 drive

The interior of the BMW 2016 X1 will be pleasant and you will like the dashboard, one similar to what you would normally find in a larger BMW car. Controls are well-positioned and the conventional automatic transmission shifter will work intuitively. BMW X1 is quiet and ride harshness is less than before. You will like how the 2.0 liters turbo engine hums.

You are surely interested in how the engine performs. When combined with the 8 speeds automatic gearbox, you get 228 hp and you can reach 60 miles per hour in just 6 seconds. Throttle does respond well and the B48 engine is the one that you want to look at since it works great. Driving modes can be selected but you will not find Sport+ on the SUV.

2016 bmw x1 interior

What is a little surprising with the 2016 BMW X1 is how well it drives when in an off-road scenario. Now you can go on the inclines that you know nothing about and you will not imagine that the SUV can go this high. You will find that the cabin is great and you can easily drive this SUV even when the winter is really tough.


To sum up, the BMW 2016 X1 is not the best that BMW can offer but it is really competitive. The X1 can be described as being appealing and the BMW fans that have everyday needs will appreciate the comfort and space offered. We are looking at a model improvement.