2017 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Review

The 2017 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross is the automaker’s attempt to enter and capitalize on the popularity of the smaller SUV market. It is at the low price sector and offers a better ride height than rivals, so much standard equipment and huge boot. It is pretty good to drive given the size and the overall value you get is so much higher than what many anticipated.

SX4 S-Cross is faced with huge competition from Skoda Yeti, Nissan Qashqai and Vauxhall Mokka. Whether or not sales will be high is something that only time can tell.


2017 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross has a strong performance in the 1.4 petrol based engine. Even so, the diesel option is actually better. Engines make the small SUV comfortable wheter inside or outside cities. However, when you want to overtake fast or sprint, it will be difficult with the 1.0 petrol option. You need to go for the 1.4 and the diesel engine will not be that quick.

Ride Comfort

The SUV body is properly controlled but the suspensions are not so great. If road conditions are poor, you will feel them. Suspensions will harshly react and noise will appear when faced with potholes and broken tarmac. All the S-Cross models have this ride problem. Qashqai and Yeti will be better.


A small SUV is rarely great in terms of handling so it is great to see that Suzuki S-Cross does a good job while faced with tight bends, quite similar to Yeti. The body is controlled nicely and the grip is pretty good. Front wheels tend to wash wide if pushed hard but this will happen on a progressive basis, allowing you to adapt in time. The weak link is steering though as you do not get much input.

SX4 S-Cross Infotainment System

With modern 2017 SUVs we expect to see good infotainment systems. Buyers simply want them. The SZ4 entry level model includes a real basic system. SZ5 and SZ-T feature color touchscreens with digital radio, USB, 4 speakers, CD player, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls and a responsive/bright screen. There is also an advanced infotainment system offered but it is not that slick when looking at the main rivals like Qashqai and Yeti.

Build Quality

Since the price tag is low we need to look at build quality. We can say that everything is as expected. In some places it is low-rent but in others it is suitable. The plastic added to the dashboard is a little too much but you have a really large front area that is soft. Cheaper trims will include more plastic though. Different chrome accents make up for some of the differences but they are plastic that is painted, not real chrome.


If you are tall and you want to take the 2017 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross on a long drive, you should be happy as there is much leg and head room available in the front seats. In the back seats there is a little less head room space. You do get enough space even if there are different areas available for storage, with the glovebox being particularly impressive. One thing we should add is that there is a pocket present in every single door. However, it will be difficult to access them and they are not that deep.

You get more boot space than with the Skoda Yeti, similar to the Qashqai. Everything is practical and roomy with wide access and low floor. The shape of the boot is square, with something extra beneath. You even get a removable luggage cover that you can use.


The 2017 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross is quite an interesting small SUV that fares up well with the competition. Given the small price, it is almost a sure thing that many buyers will be interested. Not many negative scan be mentioned given the low price tag. You get access to great safety features as standard, like emergency brake assist, stability control and anti-lock brakes. You get 7 airbags and crash tests are as great as they should be. On the whole, this is a really good SUV to consider in its sector.