2024 Buick Envision Imagine Revealed

The 2024 Buick Envision is receiving refreshed styling, including a front grille featuring its new body-mounted emblem. However, perhaps most noteworthy of all is that this model will become the first Buick ever equipped with General Motors’ hands-free Super Cruise highway driving feature.

Taken from the quirky Wildcat concept, the updated compact SUV features an eye-catching appearance. A narrower set of headlights also helps give it a fresh appearance.


Buick’s compact SUV Envision will receive an update for 2024, featuring refreshed exterior and interior design as well as some innovative tech. Notably, this mid-cycle update marks the first Buick offering GM’s Super Cruise hands-free driving technology. This feature, available on other GM vehicles, allows the driver to take their hands off of the wheel while traveling on pre-mapped highways. While Buick hasn’t released full details about their 2024 Envision model yet, teaser photos show an updated front end featuring a brand new grille and hood design. The 2018 Buick Enclave SUV will also receive slim LED lights and a revised tri-shield Buick badge on the front fender, along with a refreshed interior featuring a floating panel for its digital instrument cluster screen – similar to what can be found on the updated Encore GX and Envista crossovers.

Buick will also offer an updated simplified version of its Envision badge on its rear bumper, making it more recognizable while eliminating unnecessary details like circles surrounding shields. In addition, Buick’s refreshed Envision will come equipped with a rearview camera capable of automatically parking itself; an attractive feature for buyers looking for stress-free driving experiences.

Buick has not announced whether the Envision will feature either a hybrid or electric powertrain, though one is likely available at some point in its production run.

The refreshed Envision will offer an alternative to popular compact SUVs such as the Honda CR-V and Ford Edge, featuring luxury accents and an upscale cabin to set it apart from competitors. Pricing won’t change significantly from its current version; additionally, an Avenir trim option will be made available for those willing to spend extra.


Buick has yet to confirm the cost of its revised 2024 Envision, though they promise more details will become available as the launch date approaches. As a teaser, they released an image showing its exterior without giving away too much. Aside from style updates, this model will feature General Motors’ Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance technology (which SlashGear tested in a Cadillac Escalade earlier this year and found to be an impressive piece of tech). While not entirely self-driving yet, Super Cruise allows drivers to leave their hands off while on highways where pre-mapped by GM – so while not entirely self-driving, Super Cruise can allow drivers to leave their hands off in certain instances when pre-mapped by GM before leaving only hand brake or steering controls are allowed when using pre-mapped highways by pre-mapped by GM.

Buick will introduce this feature, already found in other GM vehicles such as the Chevrolet Tahoe and Cadillac Escalade, for the first time ever in its Envision Avenir variant, featuring an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system, memory seats, and leather steering wheel. However, drivers must remain attentive at all times so as to regain control if necessary – even when Super Cruise is active.

Buick has released limited information regarding their updated 2024 Envision, but expect changes such as several new colors and materials, a hands-free power programmable liftgate, 18″ painted aluminum wheels with painted black accents, LED headlights, all-wheel drive capability and a power sunroof as expected features. Sales should begin around December 2023 – before then there are two other SUVs being revealed by them including production versions of the Wildcat EV concept SUV.


The 2024 Buick Envision is a small SUV designed to compete against cars such as the BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC class. Powered by a 228hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, its comfortable cabin boasts quietness while lacking the athleticism of many rivals and failing to feel as luxurious compared to most luxury compact SUVs – something Buick hopes will change with their redesign plan.

The company hasn’t provided too many details about the new Envision, but it’s evident it will be more aggressive than its predecessor. The 2024 model will use a front design inspired by the Wildcat concept with thin daytime running lights high up on its front end and separated headlights below. Furthermore, its grille will be larger and brighter while its hood will feature a simplified version of its tri-shield badge.

Buick will also add a rear bumper with integrated exhaust tips and a new rear spoiler, along with offering a hands-free power programmable liftgate and roof-mounted side rails. In addition, all-wheel drive models will feature power moonroofs. Finally, Buick’s standard warranty will exceed that of many of its key competitors.

Buick will provide more details about its refreshed Envision in the months to come, including price information. As its first model to feature General Motors’ Super Cruise hands-free highway driving system, this refreshed model will mark another first for Buick this year; other updates include new interior designs and a luxurious version of Encore GX. In 2018, expect more SUV models from Buick!


Buick currently only offers one powertrain option in their Envision crossover SUV, competing against mainstream competitors such as Audi Q5 and BMW X3. Under its shapely hood sits a 228 horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine mated to an automatic nine-speed transmission which drives all four wheels (or just front if all-wheel drive is optional).

The Buick Envision, refreshed for North American market release, will become the first car in North America equipped with General Motor’s Super Cruise hands-free highway driving assist feature, making it a key differentiator in demand for this five-seater. This self-driving technology enables vehicles to control themselves on most highways; however, drivers must remain prepared at all times to take back control if necessary.

Buick will likely add the Avenir trim to its 2024 Envision, featuring luxurious interior finishes and upscale styling accents similar to other models in its lineup. In addition, it should feature a wider digital display covering more of the dash area as well as an updated steering wheel which should provide increased interior comfort.

Buick hasn’t released many details about its next-generation Envision yet but recently-spotted camouflaged test mules provide us with an indication of what we can expect. No changes will be made to its slender proportions which rely on a short dash-to-axle ratio and raked windshield for visual appeal. Instead, the 2024 Envision appears more angular and sporty with its sleek new front fascia which highlights Buick’s new sculptural design language and newly designed body-mounted emblem on its reshaped hood.

No matter our disappointment in how Buick dialed back its athleticism, the refreshed Envision still manages to compare favorably against its rivals. Unfortunately, however, its unimpressive 7.3-second zero-to-60 time places it further behind some key competitors than desired.


Buick has taken its first step into hands-free driving with the 2024 Envision refresh. GM’s Super Cruise semi-autonomous driver-assistance system can be used on up to 400,000 miles of pre-mapped highways; Buick claims this new system “is designed to allow you to relax and enjoy your time on the road”.

The 2019 Envision has received a makeover inspired by last year’s Wildcat EV concept car, boasting an updated front end that’s sleeker and less boxy with LED lighting elements located beneath its headlights and an enlarged grille located lower on its front fascia with chrome trim pieces surrounding it – as well as a brand new Buick emblem on its hood to complete its appearance.

Inside, the Envision’s updated model will incorporate a 19-inch digital gauge display and infotainment screen similar to what can be found on recent additions like the Encore GX. Buick believes it will be easier for consumers than its previous dual display system.

Buick did not offer many details regarding the 2024 Envision’s powertrain, but we anticipate it to utilize its predecessor’s turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 228 horsepower and front or all-wheel drive configuration. No plans have been released regarding electric models using its Ultium EV platform yet, but they could follow shortly after its arrival.

Though we’re unsure that the revamped Envision will surpass its Genesis competitors when it comes to aesthetic appeal, it should still attract many buyers and could benefit from having Super Cruise on board if that helps boost sales further. Further details regarding pricing and availability should be announced later this summer.