3 Subcompact SUVs To Consider

Subcompact SUVs are the smallest vehicles on the market. These vehicles are typically smaller than mini SUVs but larger than midsize SUVs. While there is no official definition for the term, there are many examples of compact SUVs. Ford Escape and Honda CR-V are two of the most popular compact SUVs, while the Jeep Compass is the cheapest. The following list will provide you with an overview of the compact SUVs available for purchase.

Subcompact SUVs are the smallest SUVs on the market

Buick is one of the manufacturers of subcompact SUVs, which can seat up to five people and come with polished exterior styling and comfortable cabins. Its two-door version, which is especially short, is a supreme off-roader. It’s also very maneuverable, and is well above the smaller Renegade on the list. The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, a smaller but cheaper crossover, also encroaches on the subcompact SUV realm, but falls short of truly being a tiny SUV.

While subcompact SUVs are the smallest SUV models on the market, they are often the most affordable vehicles on the market. They are the perfect choice for people who need the least amount of extra space but still want to feel comfortable and high above the road. Most subcompact SUVs have ample legroom, a comfortable ride, and plenty of tech and convenience features. Many models are also very affordable, with starting MSRPs under $30,000.

Ford Escape is the best-selling compact SUV

The Ford Escape was first sold as the Maverick in Europe and China, and was released in the United States as the 2013 model. The Ford Escape replaced a Nissan-sourced model. In 2005, the Ford Mercury division rebadged the model as the Mercury Mariner and sold it primarily in North America. In 2004, Ford launched the first hybrid drivetrain option in its lineup with the release of the Escape hybrid. The vehicle was produced in Taiwan as a CKD (completely knocked-down) vehicle, with the hybrid version released in North American markets in 2004.

The Escape was introduced in 2001 and joined the Ford lineup along with the Ford Explorer, Expedition, and Excursion. Its design was intended to compete with other compact SUVs on the market. It is built on a car-based platform and prioritizes technology, comfort, safety, and fuel economy. The 2017 model had poor crash test ratings due to problems with its headlights and passenger-side door. The 2021 model did not receive poor marks, but it ranks 12th in the compact SUV segment.

Honda CR-V is the best-selling compact SUV

The second generation of the Honda CR-V received numerous upgrades and redesigns for the 2010 model year. For example, the vehicle now features a larger infotainment display and rear-side airbags. It also comes with an optional center console tray in front, and its rear seats recline. Among other upgrades, the hybrid version adds leather upholstery and a power liftgate.

In addition to its excellent fuel economy, the CR-V also has a hybrid version. Honda is dedicated to making hybrid vehicles affordable and attainable to the general public. The gas-electric variant also provides impressive fuel economy. Its price is also competitive. Regardless of which version of the CR-V you choose, you will be happy with its performance. Its price will impress you too.

A redesign for the 2023 Honda CR-V adds new standard safety features, improved fuel efficiency, and a stronger hybrid powertrain. It also features rear and knee side impact airbags for a more robust ride in the back. Additionally, the new CR-V has been designed to earn a Top Safety Pick+ rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Honda CR-V also gets a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA, which makes it a highly reliable car.

Jeep Compass is the most affordable subcompact SUV

The Jeep Compass is a well-appointed subcompact SUV with the classic Jeep seven-slot grille and chrome accents. This model has an almost Cherokee-like silhouette and is based on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ “small-wide” 4×4 architecture. Its 8.5-inch ground clearance, four-wheel independent suspension, and available all-wheel drive make it an excellent choice for off-roading. The Compass also has an impressive towing capacity of 2,000 lbs (907 kg).

The Jeep brand is known for building affordable and practical SUVs, but its latest subcompact crossover, the Compass, is the most affordable. The Compass has a tall and compact profile, which makes it an excellent choice for people with bad credit. It also gets good gas mileage for a subcompact SUV. While the Jeep Renegade has been receiving good reviews from automotive critics, the Jeep Compass is the best option for those with less than perfect credit.