2020 BMW X6 – What Do We Know About It Now?

The BMW X6 appeared around ten years ago and was quite controversial. The crossover SUV like vehicle was high-riding and defied normal conventions. The sloping roofline was radical and the proportions were quite different than what the SUV was designed to offer. Then, BMW said it was a sports activity coupe, charging more when compared to the X5, which was more utilitarian.

Right now, we are looking at the third generation, the interesting 2020 BMW X6. It will be available as M50i, xDrive40i and sDrive40i.


Just as always, the BMW 2020 X6 will cost more than the X5. This means:

  • $64,300 starting price for sDrive40i
  • $85,650 starting price for M50i

Delivery and other costs will be added.


The BMW 2020 X6 is similar to the X5. This includes elements in chassis technology, interior design and powertrains. You have access to turbocharged 6-cylinder engine or twin-turbo V8. The X5 includes AWD and the 6-cylinder option has both AWD and rear-drive. With the M50i you can only choose AWD.

With the turbocharged option you get 335 hp, just as with the X5. Even so, this is 35 extra. In the 2020 BMW X6 M50i you get 523 hp.

The powertrain is basically more powerful but the M50i has better mechanical upgrades than the 40i to be added. This includes sport rear differential, sport exhaust system, switchable exhaust and sport brakes.

Engines include the 8 speed automatic gearbox, offering a 0 to 60 miles per hour acceleration of 5.3 seconds to 4.1 seconds, based on model.

Every single X6 will include selectable Comfort and Sport modes and adaptive dampers. Optionals do exist, like the possible air-spring suspension.


Due to the faster acceleration, the driving feeling you get is definitely great when on an open road. The past model did have a ponderous feel but this is no longer the case. We are looking at a cockpit that is more modern and you do have good power under the hood.

You can also take advantage of different drive modes. They range from Sport+ to Eco. The official EPA rating of the BMW 2020 X6 M50i is 18 miles per gallon combined but this is only the case with the Eco model. Obviously, the Sport models are stronger but they do consume more.


The original design of the BMW X6 was radical and shocking. We are still looking at something radical but you will not be shocked. Most of the exterior dimensions are larger compared to the previous version. Wheelbase length is 1.6 inches more and the width of the SUV is 0.6 inches more. Even so, the vehicle is lower by 0.7 inches. This is officially done in order to reduce the center of gravity.

What you might be interested in is the illuminated grille. The BMW X7 SUV did take the twin-kidney grille dimensions to brand new heights. With the X6 you have something even showier. This is because you get the very first illuminated grille on a BMW. It will flash when unlocking and locking the SUV and can stay illuminated if you want to.

The standard wheel size is 20 inches but you can also get 21 or 22.

A traditional problem with the shape of the BMW X6 was always rear visibility. Fortunately, with the 2020 model, besides the standard backup camera, you get the Parking Assistant Plus, which is optional. It offers 3D view, Panorama View and Top View images.

There is also a Back-Up Assistant that can easily and automatically back your X6 for up to a maximum of fifty yards. This is done by retracing the movements you did when you parked.

Last but not least in terms of design, you get standard Vernasca leather, with Merino leather being optional. You can fancy up your cabin with heated seats, armrests, heated steering wheel and even cooled cupholders. Apple CarPlay and navigation are standard.

The Big-Screen Interior

On the 2020 BMW X6 you get a digital instrument cluster of 12.3 inches as a standard, just like the same size infotainment screen. The functionality you get is really similar to that of the iDrive system. It incorporates haptic touchscreen feedback and gesture controls. Also, the display can be configured with ease.