Opel Antara Versus Chevrolet Captiva – What Should You Choose?

Opel Antara and Chevrolet Captiva are compact SUVs. Antara is built off of the Theta platform and actually shares powertrains and underpinnings with Chevrolet Captiva. However, it does come with 5 seats instead of 7 and does feature different interior and exterior design. Comparing the two is all about various aspects that have to be considered. With this in mind, let us consider what is important.

Why Consider The Chevrolet Captiva?

Chevrolet Captiva

For starters, fuel consumption is better. We have 39.2 miles per gallon combined as opposed to 45.04 miles per gallon with the Antara. There is more minimum boot capacity by 63 liters and the turning ratio is smaller. However, it is only smaller by 3%.

Why Consider The Opel Antara?

Opel Antara

There are more reasons that we can highlight here. To begin with, we have 16 valves per cylinder as opposed to 4. The engine power is higher by 9% and there is also 9% more torque that is delivered. Opel Antara will accelerate faster by close to 1 sec and the top speed is higher, but by only 3 miles per hour.

If you are environmentally friendly, you will want to go for the Opel Antarra since there are fewer CO2 emissions by 14%, which is quite a lot. At the same time, you will get 33% more maximum trunk space and even bearing capacity but by just 4 percent.

Neutral Factors To Consider

The Chevrolet Captiva has 5 speeds while Antara has 6 and the engine capacity is 11% higher with Opel’s SUV. Size differences between the two are not at all noticeable, with just 1% more length in Captiva and a height that is 2% lower. When referring to tires and wheels, which are important for SUV owners, we are faced with exactly the same models.

Chevrolet Captiva Or Opel Antara?

Both SUVs are quite similar and the truth is that the only big difference appears when we compare the seating, with everything else mentioned above being of higher importance for different people. With this in mind, we recommend that you think about what is more important for you. Both choices are great when thinking about compact SUVs and quality is as high as you would expect, given the price tag.