SportChassis P4XL – The World’s Largest SUV

There are countless cars that you can buy but if you like SUVs, luxury and want something really big, SportChassis P4XL is definitely the vehicle you want to look closer at. This is an SUV that is literally unique on the market, with a different look and no real competition. You will stand out of the crowd if you own one.

The first thing you notice with the SportChassis P4XL is the highly intimidating exterior. However, on the inside you will find a luxurious interior, all to perfectly complement a rugged luxury alternative that boasts power.


Before we look at what exactly SportChassis P4XL offers, we should highlight the drawbacks of owning this SUV. This is a vehicle using an 8.3 diesel engine. We have access to 1,000 lb per feet torque and 330 hp. If you are looking for eco-friendly SUVs, this is definitely not the one for you. Obviously, given the size, parking will be really difficult in many cities from around the world. You will also need a larger than average garage for this SUV.


It is as if designers simply wanted to make everything as big as possible. The length of the SUV is 264 inches and the width is 100 inches. The wheelbase is also huge, at 174 inches. You will like the 154 inch BBC high roof aluminum crew cab, the 11 inch air horn, air cab mounts and the dual bright West Coast mirrors.

Front and rear wheels are 22.5 inches, Aluminum, with Michelin XZL tires wrapping them. You can opt for add-ons like larger bumper guides, auxiliary power points and more.


When you look inside you instantly notice the Italian leather wrapped option and the suede headliner. You will love taking advantage of the Passive Noise Reduction System that manages to remove engine and road noise, together with an extra available Ride Enhancement Package that guarantees a secure, safe and smooth ride on all terrains.

The sound system chosen is Pioneer, combined with an infotainment system that is voice activated and includes GPS navigation, iPod integration, Bluetooth technology and satellite audio. P4XL includes mobile wireless internet access availability, side and rear view cameras and FLIR night-vision camera.


The engine of choice is an 8.3 L Cummins ISC capable of producing the results already mentioned above. Besides this, we have access to 5 speed transmission, Allison TRV 3200. You practically receive all the power that is needed to get the SUV to go everywhere whenever you want to.

Final Thoughts

The SportsChassis P4XL is unique and has no real competition. There are not many SUVs that are really powerful and imposing. The H2 from Hummer used to be one but it is no longer available. So, if you want the world’s largest SUV, this is the option for you.