The 2012 Lexus RX 450h Hybrid SUV Is As Popular As Ever

The 2012 Lexux RX 450h hybrid SUV still stands out as a really popular vehicle among enthusiasts. It offers really good gas mileage, a supple right quality, tight build quality, top safety features and various appreciated technology features. However, this is an SUV that offers a passionless driving experience, is expensive, ubiquitous, not as refined against the competition as it used to be and has real-world fuel ratings that are trailing the current standards.

One really interesting thing with the 2012 Lexus RX 450h is that it has a really good track record as we look at buyers. Most seem to be really satisfied. The SUV is a little stronger than the RX 350h and does not show off the fact that it is a hybrid, as Prius does.

At first glance, the RX 450h looks a lot like the RX. There are changes made to the tall-wagon shape but you will just see the slightly reshaped bumper in front and the tinted grille. You see some small hybrid logos and the blue-lit gauges. Besides these, you look at exactly the Lexus RX so we can say that the SUV does have appearance on its side.

Obviously, although used, the RX 450h is higher-priced. This is because of the advanced powertrain included. The engine is a 3.5 liter V6 teamed with quality electric batteries, continuously variable transmission and motors. You thus get access to 245 hp and a fuel economy of quite an impressive 32 miles per gallon when driving in the city.

When looking at driving, you will like that the Lexus RX 450h does accelerate briskly. Handling is almost always predictable and soft. Brakes are actively regenerating hybrid batteries and steering lacks feel. The regular RX does give you a plain driving experience. The RX 450h is unfortunately completely passionless.

You do not get the third seat row option but seating is indeed comfortable. Even adults seating in the second row are going to feel relaxed. Step-in height is low and you get enough leg and head room. You are driving in a tightly assembled cabin with materials that are high quality, all exactly what you would expect from Lexus crossovers. However, you might not like the minor V6 rumble, which is noticeable if you already drove ultra-refined LS sedans.

Safety-wise, the Lexus 2012 RX 450h hybrid SUV is excellent, earning top safety pick from the IIHS. Stability control and curtain airbags are standard. You gain access to extra features like rearview camera, head-up display and adaptive lights.

RX 450h hybrid SUV lives up to the Lexus brand offering many different comfort items and luxury features. You can easily enjoy power front seats, Bluetooth and even dual-zone climate control as standard. Extra options include side-view monitor, an upgraded audio system, leather seating, remote start, hard drive navigation system and a DVD entertainment system for the rear seats.

On the whole, the 2012 Lexus RX 450h is quite a wonderful hybrid SUV that you are going to appreciate even now. When used, the SUV is still of a very high quality.