2017 BMW X6 Vs 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class

These two SUVs are really interesting for those that want strong vehicles as the children move out, making the shift from the bulky models of the past to the modern utility vehicles that are both stylish and strong. According to BMW, the 2017 X6 is “sports activity coupe” and Mercedes-Benz looks at the GLE-Class as being just coupe. The two SUVs look really similar to each other but when you look carefully, you do notice some differences both in the rear and in the front. Both the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class and the 2017 BMW X6 have really good review score, being SUVs that sacrifice practicality in order to get a lovely roofline.


Both models are similar and clearly related to GLE and X5 but are not available in the numerous powertrains the luxury SUVs have. Mercedes GLE Coupe can only be bought in a gasoline option. Both of the SUVs allow you to choose between V6 and V8. 2017 BMW X6 xDrive35i offers 300 hp and the V8 option gives you 450 hp. Mercedes GLE43 Coupe just gives you 362 hp as an option while the V8 is available only in the GLE63 S, which is much pricier.

When looking at how dynamic the SUVs are, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe should be seen as superior as there is a perfect balance noticed between handling and ride quality. However, this does not mean that accurate steering is not present with both. The X6 has an optional Dynamic Damper Control rear air suspension that you can get.

The 2017 BMW X6 has a sharper ride and does transmit more noise in the cabin. If you are commuting over roads that are frost-heaved or potholed, you should be a little careful and avoid holes. Both SUVs are not intended for an off-road adventure.


When we get inside we have more than enough front seat space while head room is a little sacrificed in the back in order to get that roofline that people love. It is easier to get into the backseat of the Mercedes-Benz but if you are taller, BMW is a better fit. Cargo versatility and space are highly impressive with both SUVs, being similar to the competition and offering what the market sector desires.

We are looking at relative niche models. A full crash test is most likely not going to be performed for any of the two. However, when looking at all the safety features that are included, we can remain satisfied with industry standards being respected.


Sticker price is definitely higher than what you would expect. The modest versions can easily cost around $65,000. However, this does include sufficient safety options and technology. When looking at the different possible trim packages, prices would go pretty high.


To sum up, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class and the 2017 BMW X6 are really similar. This includes features, size, engine, profile and even the numerous options that are available. We do need to look at the BMW SUV as being ahead when looking at driver engagement. However, the Mercedes-Benz GLE450 Coupe has a higher power output with a really settled ride. In the event you can overlook the small backseat problem mentioned, this is the SUV for you. Subjectivity is definitely always going to be important in making the final decision.