Honda HR-V vs Subaru SV Crosstrek

The Honda HR-V is basically one step down from Honda CR-V when looking at size and price, similarly to how Subaru Crosstrek is smaller and more budget-friendly than Subaru Forester. Comparing the two is quite interesting though because we are looking at the same interested buyers. What should you choose of the two?

Subaru SV Crosstrek was designed based on Imprezza while HR-V is connected to the sub-compact platform of the FIT. The main factors of interest when comparing these two are seen as Subaru’s SUV has a little less power, interior room and cargo space while the cost is also lower. However, Hondar HR-V did come to the market at a later date.


The Crosstrek is built from the start with all-wheel drive and Honda initially offered that. The Subaru system though is going to respond faster if there is traction loss.

Ride Quality

Subaru Crosstrek has a cushier ride as it does have increase travel available over bumps. There is basically more compressions space available for suspensions so the ride is going to be more compliant.

Main Dimensions For Buyers

First we have to look at ground clearance. Honda HR-V is great although size is petite but Crosstrek offers a clearance that is higher by 9 inches so passing over obstacles is a lot easier. Then, when we look at vehicle length, Honda HR-V is great for cities, being 7 inches shorter.

Assistive Technology

Subaru and Honda manage to offer truly great optional technologies that are going to help people to drive with increased safety. This does include having automatic braking activate when drivers are distracted. You have access to such features as extras for the Subaru SV Crosstrek. Honda CR-V is generally better at these though, even if pricier.

Fuel Economy

You can buy a hybrid powertrain Crosstrek, with Honda currently offering the hybrid HR-V only in Japan. A small gas tank is put under front seats, so cargo space in hatch area becomes limited. When looking at the regular drivetrains, we have basically the same fuel economy.


The last thing that we have to take into account is the security offered through the airbags. We have 6 on both SUVs, the ones mentioned below, and Crossstrek will add one more to the mix. You have:

  • 2 front airbags – the deployment comes from the dashboard and the steering wheel
  • 2 side airbags – deployment from seat edges
  • 2 curtain airbags – these will deploy from the SUV’s roof